• 504 MMboe  

    gross 2P reserves

  • 113,000

    bopd gross PSC production in 2018


The Tawke PSC produced an average of 113,020 bopd in 2018with production from Peshkabir contributing 27,660 bopd to this figure.

Production from the Tawke PSC benefits from the Receivable Settlement Agreement, and these increases bolster our already significant free cash flow generation. 

With drilling activity on the Tawke PSC concentrating on Peshkabir in 2018, production at the Tawke field declined to 75,000 bopd by the end of 2018. Work in 2019 will be focused on stabilising production, and 10 wells have been included in Genel’s firm activity plan for the year, with the operator planning to drill up to 14.

Activity in H1 2018 included ongoing workovers of existing wells, and limited drilling resumed in H2. One deep Cretaceous well and two shallow Jeribe wells were brought onstream, and these zones will continue to be targeted for production in 2019.

  Reserves (mmbbls) Working interest reserves (mmbbls)
Total 2P 504 126