Our talented, experienced and motivated staff are key to the success of Genel, and we are committed to developing our employees, promoting diversity, fairness and respect in the workplace and providing recognition based on success and achievement. 

We are proud of our staff and the way that our extremely high standards gain the respect and trust of the governments and communities that host our operations, underpinning the sustainability of our current and future business. 

All employees are expected to collaborate with Genel’s commitment to act responsibly, respectfully, ethically and in a safe manner at all times, and to adhere to the values in our code of conduct, which emphasises the following: 

The health and safety of all our people and surrounding communities is paramount

  • We act with integrity, transparency and respect in all our dealings with our stakeholders, including our employees and contractors, our business partners, governments and our communities
  • We do not tolerate bribery in any form
  • We respect human rights
  • We seek to minimise our environmental footprint
  • We work collaboratively with our host countries to assist them in meeting their development goals

A transparent and competitive reward framework allows us to attract and retain a highly skilled employee base. Performance related-pay is available to all our staff, in line with a well-structured and clearly defined performance management process. We participate in salary and benefits benchmarking surveys within the various regions to ensure we remain externally competitive and effectively retain and reward all of our employees.

Continually investing in the technical and professional development of our people gives them the tools they need to drive our business forward, operate safely and efficiently and help Genel to achieve our strategic and operational goals. Providing staff development is a priority, and we offer a wide variety of training opportunities. The majority of our staff completed professional development training courses during 2014.

Employing staff locally is an important part of our commitment to operating responsibly and supporting the local economy of our host communities. At the end of 2014, 86% of Genel’s and 76% of TTOPCO’s KRI employees were from the local area. Many of our staff have been involved in supporting local communities, particularly through the refugee crisis in the KRI.  Find out more about our Community Engagement.

We are committed to conducting our business in an open, honest and ethical manner, which is essential for our reputation and building trust and respect with our key stakeholders. Adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance is a key pillar of our strategy, and our commitment to acting responsibly, ethically and in a safe manner across our entire business is embraced by all of our operations.