We are committed to conducting all of our operations in a manner that protects Genel’s employees and contractors from injuries and illnesses, as well as having regard to the health and safety of the general public. 

We firmly believe that a safe workplace is fundamental to protect our people and our business. Our primary consideration is always the safety and wellbeing of our employees, something that we never compromise. Everyone at Genel has to follow our HSE management system requirements, which we appraise and review regularly.

Genel’s HSE management system defines our approach to managing health, safety and environment matters across all of its facilities and activities. The system provides compliance requirements as well as practical guidance and procedures for all staff conducting operations or managing sites to achieve our health, safety and environmental objectives as an integrated part of our overall goals.

Our Health Safety and Environment policy (PDF 129KB) sets out our approach and philosophy surrounding Health, Safety and Environment.

HSE inductions are delivered to on-site employees and visitors to make them aware of the Company’s Health and Safety requirements and expectations as well as to inform them about their job specific HSE responsibilities. We recognise that training is an integral and important part of the overall Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and specific training in this area is a normal part of all vocational training. The aim of such training is to enhance personal awareness of the potential hazards associated with their work, and the control measures and procedures necessary to minimise the risk of personal harm or loss/damage to Company assets and the surrounding environment. 

Emergency training enables personnel to react to emergency situations in an orderly and effective manner.

We structure our operations with safety in mind at all times, using engineering controls, safety precautions and regular maintenance programs.

Whilst we always work with our partners to ensure the highest possible HSE standards even where we are non-operator, our ability to set the tone on HSE matters is strongest at the sites where we are operator - our active management of exploration, drilling, production and management systems holds those operations to best practice standards.

Working safely with contractors is a priority and we focus on rigorous and consistent on-site implementation of our HSE policies and procedures.

We measure our performance by using the industry accepted measures of lost time injury (“LTI”) and lost time injury frequency (“LTIF”) which we report in our Annual Report.  In 2014 our LTIF improved significantly to 0.40 per million work hours versus a 2013 performance of 1.63 per million work hours. This improvement reflected good progress in our safety culture development and also in the effective implementation of our HSE management system.

Process safety focuses on the design, engineering and construction of facilities to prevent fires, explosions or accidental chemical releases, as well as on maintenance and operations. This includes the prevention of leaks, spills, equipment malfunction, over-pressures, over-temperatures, corrosion, metal fatigue and other similar conditions.

We commission gas dispersion and emissions modelling studies in order to ensure that process safety is included in the earliest stages of a project life cycle. This is done to ensure that risks are understood and necessary risk reduction measures are implemented in a timely fashion.