We undertake community projects and make both financial and non-financial contributions to support the areas where we operate. All projects are undertaken in consultation with local people and local authorities, and the nature of projects depends on the status of our operations, needs of the area, and development goals of the region and country.

Projects are selected carefully following extensive stakeholder consultation and are undertaken sensitively in line with our rigorous internal procedures and policies, including our corporate social responsibility policy, our anti-bribery policy and procedures and our community investment guidelines.

Genel Energy sponsored an income generation project in the Kalar area which focused on training local women to improve their sewing skills. This project was conducted in coordination with local NGO Civil Development Organization and was aimed at increasing skill levels in order to encourage local women to run their own small business enterprises. This project produced a number of long term benefits; it not only trained women to sew materials, but it also encouraged and promoted the idea of females establishing their own enterprises in rural areas.

30 students participated in a TTOPCO sponsored training course run by Renweni Lawan NGO. The aim of this training was to enhance their vocational skills in order to allow them an competitive advantage for future career aspirations. The lessons were taught both theoretically and practically and offered a wide range of subjects which included tailoring and computer software skills. All the participants received official certification in a graduation ceremony that was held once the course had completed.

War and political turmoil in Syria and Iraq has led to over 2 million people fleeing their homes as IDPs and refugees.  Over 1 million people are displaced within Iraq, many without shelter.  Many IDPs in Koya have been temporarily housed in churches, mosques and local homes, however, there are many more with no shelter. A decision was made by TTOPCO to donate funds for the construction of a fully functional camp for 50 IDP families in Koya; this included the provision of brand new cabins, water resources, drainage and electricity. 

In 2014, Genel Energy funded a project to renovate and equip 20 schools in the 3 main districts that surround the Miran operational block. This project was conducted in cooperation with the local NGO Civil Development Organisation. 

Renovation equipment for schools

In 2014, Genel Energy’s CSR department implemented a training course for 10 members of the local authority who are closely linked to the company’s Chia Surkh operations. The course was conducted in cooperation with the Personal Development Institute at the American University. The 10 officials received three days of specialised training on the basics of oil and gas which aimed to improve their overall understanding of an industry that they work very closely with on a day-to-day basis.

Hiwa Cancer Centre is the Region’s major hospital specializing in cancer treatment and provides care to sufferers located over the entire Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The general population’s health status is deteriorating and the burden of chronic and other modern diseases are at a rapid increase. Since 2013, Genel Energy has committed itself to supporting the Hiwa Centre in an attempt to aid their critical role in treating patients suffering from cancer. This was achieved by purchasing advanced modern equipment for the hospital and funding the construction of an elevator to carry stretchers and a brand new bacteriology lab in 2014.

Hiwa Cancer patients

Built in 2012, to provide access to books and educational materials, improve literacy rates and empower local residents and contribute to the development of the region through improved awareness of social issues.

Built in 2005, one of Genel’s first community investment projects.

A one-day campaign was run with students in Sulaimaniyah to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage positive action regarding the protection of nature and the cleanliness of the environment in the KRI. Working with the Sulaimaniyah Educational Department, a team from Genel led 100 students from Twy Malik Preparatory School for Girls and Kurdistan Educational Community to Hawari Shar Public Park. All students were provided with information leaflets and Genel branded T-shirts prior to an organised litter pick. Following lunch, Charles Walker, HSE Environmental Supervisor at TTOPCO, gave a talk on environmental awareness.