• Genel working interest production averages 36,250 bopd
  • Free cash flow of $99 million even as capital expenditure doubles, as investment in growth assets increases
  • Acquisition of stakes in Sarta and Qara Dagh
  • Announced maiden dividend of $27.9 million with respect to 2018 financial year


  • Genel working interest production averages 33,700 bopd 
  • $335 million of cash proceeds received, with strong free cash flow generation of $164 million
  • Material increase in financial strength with move to net cash position during the year
  • Fivefold increase in gross production at Peshkabir to over 50,000 bopd



  • Genel working interest production averages 35,200 bopd
  • $263 million of cash proceeds received, with strong free cash flow generation of $142 million
  • Signing of landmark Receivable Settlement Agreement
  • Peshkabir began production


  • Genel working interest production averages 53,300 bopd
  • Cash proceeds of $207 million received by Genel for oil sales and receivable recovery
  • In February, KRG confirms that monthly payments to oil companies will be based on the contractual entitlements under the PSC governing each licence


  • Total exports through the KRI-Turkey pipeline rise to over 600,000 bopd
  • Genel working interest production averages 85,000 bopd
  • Cash proceeds of $148 million received by Genel for 2015 oil exports and local sales in KRI
  • Acquisition of OMV's 36% operated stake in the Bina Bawi field gives Genel 100% ownership of Miran and Bina Bawi, ahead of the transformational gas development


  • Exports through the KRI-Turkey pipeline begin, growing to over 400,000 bopd by the end of the year
  • Agreement reached in November with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the KRG for the development of the Miran and Bina Bawi gas fields
  • Working interest production rises to an average of 69,000 boepd, with gross production from Taq Taq and Tawke averaging 194,000 bopd


  • KRI export pipeline infrastructure complete and in the commissioning phase. Volumes of KRI oil in storage at Ceyhan continue to grow
  • Turkey-KRG Gas Sales Agreement a significant milestone in the commercialisation of Miran and Bina Bawi gas fields
  • 100% success rate on KRI exploration – Chia Surkh, Ber Bahr and Tawke Deep discoveries
  • Successful appraisal drilling at Bina Bawi increased mean contingent resources by 70%
  • Proven and probable reserves (2P) increased to 453 mmboe (2012: 445 mmboe), representing a reserve replacement ratio of 147%
  • Total working interest reserves and unrisked resources increased to 5.9 bnboe (2012: 5.4 bnboe)


  • Announced upgrade of Tawke Fields reserves and resources by 78% to an estimated 509 mmboe
  • Announced most comprehensive exploration and drilling programme in the Kurdistan Region to date
  • Acquired 44% interest Bina Bawi exploration licence, Kurdistan Region
  • Acquired 40% additional interest and operatorship in Chia Surkh
  • Established a high impact African exploration portfolio through acquisition of material positions in Somaliland, Morocco, Cote D’Ivoire and Malta
  • Increased working interest in Miran from 25% to 100% (pre-KRG back-in)


  • Resumed oil exports from Taq Taq and Tawke following agreement of a revenue sharing mechanism between the KRG and Iraqi Government
  • Miran West 3, Peshkabir and Ber Bahr 1 exploration wells commenced
  • Merger of Genel Energy International Limited with Vallares PLC
  • Genel Energy plc listed on London Stock Exchange
  • Dohuk exploration well


  • 60 kbopd central processing facility begins operation at Taq Taq
  • Studies undertaken for preparation of exploration drilling on Dohuk
  • 3D seismic campaign commenced on Miran in December 2010
  • 2D seismic acquired on Chia Surkh identifying and confirming several possible structures


  • Acquired 25% interest in Tawke licence
  • Acquired 25% interest in Miran licence
  • Acquired 40% interest in Dohuk and Ber Bahr, and 20% interest in Chia Surkh licences
  • Tie-in of Tawke pipeline to Iraq northern pipeline system
  • First oil exports from Taq Taq and Tawke commenced with the opening of the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline


  • First production on Taq Taq with loading facility completed


  • First production from Tawke field
  • KRG Petroleum Law approved
  • Taq Taq field discovery made in July


  • First exploration drilling at Taq Taq field Kewa Chirmila Exploration Block added to Taq Taq PSC
  • Tawke field discovery made with Tawke-1 exploration well.


  • First new oil well drilled at Tawke field after 2003 Iraq invasion
  • Entered into a farm-in agreement with Addax for Taq Taq and formed TTOPCO operating company


  • PSCs for the Tawke and Dohuk fields signed by DNO International


  • Commenced operations in the Kurdistan Region with the first ever PSC for Taq Taq field