Tawke PSC

The Tawke field produced an average of 91,000 bopd in 2014, an increase of 131% on 2013.

Production more than doubled year-on-year due to the onset of export availability through the KRI-Turkey pipeline. Production was broadly equally split between the domestic and export markets during 2014. 

The Tawke surface processing facilities are currently capable of producing up to 125,000 bopd. This capacity is scheduled to increase to 200,000 bopd in the early part of 2015 through the utilisation of early production facilities. To facilitate the higher volumes, a new 24-inch pipeline has been constructed from the field to the Tawke partners’ Fishkabour export facility. This increases export capacity to in excess of 350,000 bopd and delivers transportation system redundancy.

Wellhead production capacity at the end of 2014 was in excess of 150,000 bopd. The Tawke-27 and 28 wells have been brought on-stream recently producing at a combined rate of 11,500 bopd. The Tawke-30 well is has reached final depth and is being completed for production


  Reserves (mmbbls) Working interest reserves (mmbbls)
Total 2P 675 169
Total 3P 808 202