• 541 mmbbls  

    Gross 2P reserves

  • 116,000

    bopd gross production in 2015


    production growth in 2015


The Taq Taq licence area, with gross 2P reserves standing at 541 mmbbls, is situated in the Zagros basin where large, elongated anticlines dominate. The Taq Taq licence area is located 60 km northeast of the Kirkuk oil field and the adjacent city of Kirkuk, 85 km southeast of the city of Erbil and 120 km northwest of the city of Sulaimaniyah. The gross area of the Taq Taq licence area is approximately 951 square km.        

The Taq Taq field produced a gross average of 116,000 bopd in 2015, the majority of which is exported to international markets via Ceyhan in Turkey. A full year of oil exports by the KRG via the new export pipeline and an increase in surface processing capacity meant that this was a 13% increase on 2014.

The completion and commissioning of the second permanent central processing facility, which has planned capacity of 90,000 bopd, is expected shortly.

There are four oil bearing zones that have been discovered in the Taq Taq field, one in the Oligocene Pilaspi formation and three in the Upper Cretaceous Shiranish, Kometan and Qamchuqa formations. The producing Cretaceous reservoirs contain a light, very low gas-to-oil ratio with an API gravity of 48 degrees.

  Reserves (mmbbls)Working interest reserves (mmbbls)
Total 2P 541 238
Total 3P 936 412